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Our long history of family ownership has provided financial reassurance, business continuity, and stability. It has also created firm foundations from which to promote
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    Lucas Malone - Director at Vigilant BIM & Construction Consultants

    Lucas Malone

    Director, Estimating & Surveying

    Lucas specializes in estimating various commercial and heavy civil construction projects. He has worked on large-scale projects for some of the largest and well-known institutions in the USA. He has a broad range of knowledge in mechanical, plumbing, hydronic, architectural layout, designs for semiconductors, and fire sprinkler piping systems, amongst many others.

    Lucas is an expert in managing projects, making sure everyone is on the same page, and helping teams work better together in the best interest of the client. Through his cost negotiating skills, eye for detail, down-to-the-penny accuracy, change order management, and validation experience, he is here to assist our clients in every aspect of their projects and streamline their estimating and surveying tasks.

    If you see Lucas outside of work, it is probably early in the morning as he is enjoying the outdoors or at the gym. He enjoys spending time with his daughter and can’t wait to travel back to Ireland to visit family.

    Victor Leyba - Director at Vigilant BIM & Construction Consultants

    Victor Leyba

    Director, Operations & Technology

    Victor is a leading consultant with over 15 years of BIM and process improvement experience. He has experience within the industry using and implementing the latest trends and innovative technologies. He has experience in the analysis of technology, processes, and BIM implementation. Victor has been successful at translating complex process improvements into actionable steps.

    With Victor’s extensive experience in various technologies, he strives to complete his goal of creating an add-on application to help the A/E/C industry streamline the various tasks.

    When he is not using his many operational skills, Victor enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, planning their dream vacation to Greece, or practicing his whistling talents.

    Ted Mort - Strategic Business Operations

    Ted Mort

    Strategic Business Operations

    Ted brings 15+ years of experience in process improvements and virtual design solutions for the construction industry. His passion for creating something that develops opportunities, teaching others the pragmatic approach to new technology, and how to best utilize it within various construction projects, is sure to assist in the success of any project. Ted prides himself on helping others to be more efficient and effective, and how controlling their attitude and effort is everything to their success. Ted has an excellent reputation for building and managing project teams to deliver ‘best in class’ products and services. When he is not deep in the ocean scuba diving, Ted is honing in on his extensive project management and construction administration skills. Ted has a work-hard mentality and is someone you can always rely on with your projects.

    Jerry Douthit


    Currently, Jerry supports clients by establishing VDC programs, developing standard operating procedures and training programs that can be used to internally manage these projects. Jerry is consistently inspired by the opportunity within his role to grow, learn and help clients become better. On Jerry’s typical morning out of office, he can be found spending time with his dogs and enjoying a cup of coffee. He lives his life by the motto, we’re here to grow and not be stagnant and that has shown in his work ethic while at Vigilant.

    Chip Frizzell


    It takes a team to complete the large-scale projects that Vigilant does, and Chip is the Quality Department Manager, bringing decades of knowledge and experience to the team. He values improving communication on his team, investing in his personal development and supporting project development. In his spare time Chip enjoys traveling with his wife; and in fact, has only two more states left until they’ve visited all fifty. You might run into Chip reviewing contractor submitted safety plans, or doing a field walk at a property.

    Gilbert Martinez


    Gilbert is a high-energy and results-oriented Construction Manager who is inspired by helping others. With over six years of VDC experience and nearly two decades of blueprint and layout experience, he is versed in contract negotiations, project management, impending design problems, mechanical piping design, and strategic planning. Gilbert feels that each day on the job is eventful - never the same, which keeps the day exciting and encourages new team members to take it one day at a time and always hold themselves accountable. Gilbert is charismatic, outgoing, and honest. On his day off, you will find him hanging out with his son, golfing, or both.

    Richard Vickers


    Richard holds many certifications, more than a decade of experience, and a variety of accrued skills making him a diverse team member. On a daily basis, you can find him booked in meetings, delegating and managing contractors, and overseeing project estimates. Richard enjoys seeing each small success of a project grow to create the best possible finished product. When he’s not busy working, you can find him walking his dogs and working in his welding shop.

    Xavier Vigil


    Xavier prides himself on the high-quality work he’s learned, not only the past ten years in his trade but also his time serving in the US Navy. He’s a technologically savvy, problem-solving leader who doesn’t give up. As a key part of our Vigilant team, Xavier enjoys coordinating large teams, resolving project difficulties, and bringing innovative ideas that make the final product exceed expectations. When he’s not working, you can find Xavier enjoying a coffee with his wife while catching up on CBS Sunday Morning. Get to know Xavier during your next project with the Vigilant team.

    Celina Chairez


    Celina is Vigilant’s organization guru, she often can be found implementing organization within the team, operating procedures and physical surroundings. She’s persistent in her path to grow and establish herself as a dynamic part of Vigilant. In fact, her go-to motto is “keep your head down, and work hard”, which is displayed in her work ethic along with her determination to complete her Master’s Degree. Celina is inspired by building the future of Vigilant with her team. When she’s not booked in meetings, you can find her spending quality time with her family.

    Benjamin Chairez


    Benny is our Occupations manager that provides excellent organization, preparation, safety, and execution to our projects with 15 years of experience in management. He is also an accomplished Journeyman Pipefitter with more than 28 years of experience in the Construction and Semiconductor Industry. His experience includes many different areas such as high tech, nuclear, industrial, greenfield, and commercial projects. Benny finds teaching new and upcoming employees inspiring, he always tells new team members to “trust but always verify.” If Benny could describe himself in three words, he would say that he is honest, open, and giving. Benny truly believes in treating others how you want to be treated. When he is not working, he enjoys spending his Sunday mornings having coffee with his wife and often goes fishing on his days off.

    Kane Woodward


    Bio Coming Soon

    Michael Clark


    After watching his father, grandfather, and great grandfather’s careers as professional Pipefitters, Michael knew this was his chosen path from a young age. He has over 20 years of experience in pipefitter modeling, foreman, and leadership roles. He also has a passion for 3D design, building, and fabrication. Michael’s years of hands-on expertise combined with his computer-aided drafting skills to plan, design, and build everything from components to completed projects; makes him an asset to any project. Being an apprenticed Journeyman, Eagle Scout, husband and father of Four girls makes him ready for almost anything that comes his way. His advice to new team members would be to know what you are capable of and not to set limits for yourself - be willing to try something new.

    Ryan Rodriquez


    With 20 years of field/office experience in industrial and commercial piping and project development, he has gained the skills to manage projects in preconstruction analysis to determine profitability and efficiencies against estimates and actual project costs from start to finish. Ryan specializes in process design and estimation, mechanical and plumbing engineering, as well as hydronic designing. The best piece of advice he was ever given was to always do his best which is why he strives for perfection and is always looking for new ways to improve processes and procedures in his work life, and personal life. Ryan says his personal motto is “family comes first” and that is why he starts his workday with a “good morning” text to his wife, and when he is not working, he enjoys spending his time with his 3 sons.

    Vinnie Viliborghi


    As our results-oriented MEP Superintendent, Vinnie has an exemplary track record of success in safety, regulatory compliance, quality control, design, planning, and development. He has over a decade of experience in supervising and more than 25 years of experience in the plumbing and piping industry. The best piece of advise Vinnie has ever received is to be honest and straightforward and would describe himself as being loyal and unbiased. On his days off, you can find him outside enjoying yard work or relaxing at his cabin. Someday, he would love to visit Glacier National Park.

    Danielle Drage


    As a journeyman steamfitter, Danielle has an education in both the trade and in general skills. She is a licensed journeyman steamfitter with over 20+ years of experience. The best advice she would give to a new team member is to maintain a positive attitude and to not be afraid to ask questions. She finds working with a lot of people with a lot of different experience very inspiring in her trade as it allows her to learn from everyone. Danielle would describe every workday as being different and that is what she loves about her profession. Not only does she work as a steamfitter, but she is also a piano player that love’s stand-up comedy.

    Michael Springer


    Michael is a journeyman plumber, pipefitter, and engineer software development with nearly 30 years in the field. He also has been working on CAD modeling and BIM (Building Information Modeling) for almost 5 years which allows him to be versatile. Michael feels that the most inspiring part of his job is to be able to design and build things with his hands. He would describe himself as loyal, honest, and dependable. He is a nature guy, and most people don’t know that he is quite the scuba diver.

    Catherine Margosian


    Catherine’s is retired from the Mayo Clinic and her career has encompassed various roles within the clinical setting as a laboratory technician, data manager and clinical professional. Before joining our team, her previous experience was as a customer service and billing representative. Catherine is customer service and detail oriented, able to multitask and work as a team player. When new employees come aboard, she encourages them to be their selves and to give it all they have. In her spare time, Catherine loves gardening and is also an 8-year piano playing veteran.

    John Vigil


    Bio Coming Soon

    Chris Stevick


    Bio Coming Soon

    Ricardo Gutierrez


    Bio Coming Soon

    Marquis Salazar

    Bio Coming Soon


    The Vigilant team has over 100 years of combined expertise in the services we offer. Assisting clients through our skills, knowledge, and experience, we are positioned to save you time and money by partnering with you on your project to verify third-party estimates, negotiate costs, and construct project required documentation and BIM and CAD assets. 

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